Christy Adams

PE Coach

P.E. Graphic

About your PE Coach

Hey everyone. I am excited to be your PE Coach!  I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2000.  Go Dogs!  I began my PE career in 2000.  I have been married to my football coaching husband for 24 years. Go Gators! We have two great kids Brady and Isabella.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all as we have fun with our physically challenging games!     

Class Schedule

I challenge you to create a workout schedule that works for you and your family.  Try to complete the assignment at least once a day.  Have fun with it!!



Spell your name PE!

A-5 Jumping Jacks

B-5 Jumping Jacks

C- 10 Jumps

D- Hop on your right foot

E-Hop on your left foot

F-Crab walk for 1- seconds

G-5 Sit-ups

H- 10 Mountain Climbers

I-5 Push-ups

J- 30 Second high knees

K- Kick your left foot as high as possible

L- Kick your right foot as high as possible

M- 5 Jumping Jacks

N- 10 Jumps

O- Hop on your right foot

P- Hop on your left foot

Q- 5 Sit ups

R- 10 Mountain climbers

S- Crab walk for 10 seconds

T- 5 Push-ups

U- Kick your right foot as high as you can

V- Kick your left foot as high as possible

W=Run in place for 30 seconds

X- Run with high knees

Y- 5 Push-ups

Z- Sit ups


Move to Learn MS is a great source for interactive workout lessons!  Use this link below to access the videos:


Also, I encourage you to try out some healthy eating recipes!  This does not mean you can't have chips, coke or a cookie...just saying we could swap out an unhealthy snack for a healthy choice!  Keep the high sugar snacks for a special treat!