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Writing Sentences and Reading Sight Words
Due Date: 5/24/2019
Subject: Reading


Students should practice writing sentences using their sight words. Be sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation when writing sentences. Students may write about books they have read, or about their experiences. Be sure to read each night!

By third and fourth nine weeks students will tested on all sight words. Please continue to help your child to first read these words and then to write them.

Sight Words

Tested First Nine Weeks

five   the   zero   gray   blue   red   purple   orange   four   love   a   was  one

two   my   like  three   green   I   pink   black   white    yellow   to   am  brown

Tested Second Nine Weeks

said   no   nine   from   up   so   what   look   they   have   can   eight   this   little   did  

with   by   do   an    six   you   he   seven   it   go   at   me   see   ten   is   and   she   are  

Tested Third Nine Weeks 

some   put  come  want  down  who  good  into  your  saw  our  his  her  because  when  here  where  that 

but  on  we  play  if  went  did  will  get  as  in 


Read, Read, Read!
Due Date: 5/24/2019
Subject: Reading

Other skills that we are working on are listed below:



Identify front, back and title page of books.

Identify the author and illustrator of a books.

Identify poems, songs, and storybooks.


Answer questions and give details about stories that have been read.


Identify fiction and nonfiction stories/books.


Students are also retelling stories by:

1. Sequencing the events

2. Telling the main idea and details of a story

3. Identifying story elements such as characters, setting, problems in the story, story events, and solutions to the problem in the story.

4. Recalling facts about nonfiction stories

Be sure to discuss these as your child reads at home each night. Talk to them about what they have read and ask them questions. Questions could be:

Who are the characters?

What is the setting?

Was there a problem in the story, and if so how was it solved?

What happened at the beginning, middle, end of the story?

Is the book fiction or nonfiction?