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Weekly Newsletter for Feb. 5-9
Due Date: 2/2/2018
Subject: 4th Grade

4th Grade

Weekly Newsletter

February 5 - 9, 2018


Get agenda signed



Progress Reports go home (please sign and return)

Weekly folders/graded papers sent home



Class Pictures


Chapter 9 Math Assessment

Fact Fluency Test

Weekly folders,

signed papers, and homework due



Homework sent home


Important Information

*Graded papers go home in Tuesday folders!

*Please sign weekly folders and test papers.

*Homework is sent home in daily folders on Friday.   It is due on Thursday. Homework is for a grade. If it is not done, your child receives a zero.

*Check out our class website:

Upcoming Events:


*Class pictures are Wednesday, February 7th.

*Yearbook money is due 3/21/18 ($20.00.)

*Snow make up days…we will let you know about these soon.

*If you would like to send in items for the Valentine’s goody bags, please do so by February 13th.


Math Concepts

1. Will use models to add like fractions.

2. Will add like fractions.

3. Will use models to subtract like fractions.

4. Will subtract like fractions.

5. Will add mixed numbers.

6. Will subtract mixed numbers.

7. Will use models to multiply fractions.

8. Will multiply fractions by whole numbers.


Reading Concepts

1.   Hear a fiction story to build comprehension

2.   Make inferences about a character

3.   Discuss character change and theme

4.   Write in reading journals


Writing Concepts

1. Writing in response to reading

2. Read the prompt before reading

3. Take notes to help prepare to write

4. Write the prompt including evidence to the text along with details

5. Write in introduction and conclusion