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Welcome to Our Classroom!


My name is Candice Wood. I will be your child’s 2nd grade teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. My assistant’s name is Chavera Screen. I have taught grades fourth and second at Southaven Elementary for 6 years. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Our classroom utilizes an open-door policy. If you ever have questions or concerns, please let me know. Below you will find information on how our classroom operates, and what our expectations are to make this a successful school year. Thank you and I look forward to working alongside each of you!


Daily Folder

They will have a green daily folder containing a monthly calendar, homework, important letters, and completed work. Their daily folder will also contain a zipper pouch for money and a small note pad for any notes you or I need to send. Please check your child’s daily folder every night. The students will also, when tests are taken and graded, be sent home in this folder. Please sign and return these test papers the NEXT day.


We use a Read At Home log in our classroom. Students are required to read 3 nights a week and write down what is read. This is not optional. There will be a reward for children who complete each week in a nine-week period. The read-at-home log will also be placed in your child’s green, daily folder. Written homework assignments will be sent home on Monday and must be completed and turned in by Friday of that week.


We implement a ladder system in our classroom. Your child will have the opportunity to move up or down the conduct ladder based on choices they make. The colors and what they represent will be present on your child’s monthly calendar. We implement this strategy because it allows students to change their behavior. They will not be “stuck” on one color for the entire day. At the end of each day, we will write their color on the calendar. Class Dojo will also be used as a means of tracking behavior through a point system. This is a good form of communication. When given the appropriate information, please sign-up for Class Dojo. I also like to have a classroom economy where students can earn money throughout the week and shop the store on Friday J


All money should be sent in your child’s zipper pouch and labeled. If the money is not labeled, we will assume it is for breakfast or lunch. Mrs. Ramsey, at the front office, cannot accept money.


Each day, we will have snack in our classroom. If you want your child to eat snack, please send it from home. Please send snacks/drinks that are quick and easy to both eat and clean up. PLEASE, NO candy, candy bars or soda.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through Class Dojo, email, or phone. Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do in the future!

-Ms. Wood