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Welcome to Second grade!!

Hello! My name is Kristen Erby, and my assistant's name is Patricia Summers.  We are extremely excited about working with you and your child. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let me know.   Below you will find some information on how our classroom works and what our expectations are to make this year the best year EVER!!!

Daily Folder

Our daily folders are green.  They will contain discipline, homework, important letters, and completed work.  Once a week graded papers will be put in here also. Please sign and return the next day.


Students are required to read 3 nights a week and record it on their reading log. This is NOT optional.  Written homework assignments will be sent home on Monday and must be completed and returned by the Friday of the same week.



We implement a ladder system in our classroom.  Your child will have the opportunity to move up or down the ladder based on the choices they make throughout the day.  The colors and what they mean will be in your child's daily folder along with their color for the day and an explanation if needed.  we will utilize a sticker system for rewards.  Each child will receive a sticker chart, and when they fill the chart they get in the Treasure box.   Green= 1 sticker  Blue= 2 stickers+small treat Purple= 3 stickers+ small treat.


ALL money should be sent in your child's zippered pouch and labeled.  If it is not labeled, we will assume it is meant for breakfast/lunch.  Mrs. Ramsey at the front office can NOT accept any money.



Each day we will have snack in our classroom.  If you want your child to have a snack, please send it from home.  Please send snacks/drinks that are easy to both eat and clean up.  Please NO candy, candy bars, or soda.