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Southaven Elementary Library



“Everyone is a reader… some just haven’t found their favorite book yet.”


Southaven Elementary Library Media Center's vision is to become a 21st Century environment that promotes learning in all students grades kindergarten through five by being a fun, safe, productive place to read, write, research, and create.

The mission of Southaven Elementary School Library Media Center is to provide our students and teachers with a text, resource, and technological rich learning environment that will spark creativity, foster a love of reading, promote research skills, and aid in implementation of the Mississippi College and Career Ready standards.


 Southaven Elementary School Library Media Center Goals:

  • Students will learn to venture out and read a variety of different texts.

  • The SES library media center will be a safe haven for students and teachers to research and select texts.

  • Students will be provided with a plethora of book genres to encourage the development of life-long reading.

  • The SES library will provide a wide range of resources for teachers to grow and expand their lessons.

  • Students will be encouraged to read, write, and research on topics they enjoy.

  • The library will become a favorite place for our young readers to expand their growing knowledge.



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