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Kathryn Sharp Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

7:50-8:40  Come in the classrom and complete morning work

8:40-8:55 Morning meeting

8:55 Switch classes

9:00-10:20 Math with Ms. Hicks homeroom

10:20-10:40 Science with Ms. Hicks homeroom

10:40-11:30 Activity

11:30-12:05 Science with Ms. Hicks

12:05 Switch Classes

12:10-12:40 Math with Mrs. Sharp's homeroom

12:40-1:30 Lunch/Recess

1:30-2:20 Math with Mrs. Sharp's homeroom

2:20-3:10 Science with Mrs. Sharp's homeroom

3:10 Pack up to go home

3:15 Dismissal