Candice Wood Staff Photo

Class Schedule  


Ms. Wood’s 4th Grade ELA Daily Schedule


Ms. Wood’s Homeroom:


8:25-8:45-Morning Work-Small Group B-Morn. Meeting


9:45- 10:15- LLI Pull out Interventions

9:45-10:00-Station Rotation

10:00- 10:15- IDR/ Small Group

10:15-10:35-Making Meaning


10:50-11:10-Being a Writer

11:10-11:40-Independent Writing/Share and Reflect



Mr. Mullen’s Homeroom:


11:50-12:05-Morning Work-Small Group B

12:05-12:15-Start of Making Meaning Lesson

12:20-12:40-Lunch   12:40-1:05-Recess/Restroom

1:10-1:30- Finish Making Meaning Lesson

1:30-1:45-IDR/Small Group

1:45-2:05- Being A Writer

2:00-2:30- LLI Pull out Interventions

2:05-2:20- Station Rotation

2:20-2:50- IDR/Small Group

2:50-3:05- Independent Writing

3:05-3:15-Share/Reflect and Pack up