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Classroom Information and Rules  




Dear Parents:
Welcome to the start of a new year! I am very excited about having the opportunity to teach your child. This year will be full of many learning adventures. I will do everything in my power to make this year as enjoyable and as stress free as possible.
We monitor behavior with a traffic light.  All students start the dayon green.  They pull yellow and red lights as consequences.  I would like to let you know about our classroom rules:
This year we will be using a traffic light system for behavior. A child starts every day with a green light. Every time a child misbehaves, he or she will change the color of his or her light on the behavior chart.
1st offense: Warning given
2nd offense: Lose 5 minutes of recess and change light to yellow
3rd offense: Lose 10 minutes of recess and change light to red and lose snack privilege
4th offense: Lose all of recess
5th offense: A note is sent home to parents.
6th offense: Call parent OR conference with parent OR go to the principal’s office.
As part of my rewards system in my classroom, I have a treasure chest full of prizes and a candy box full of treats. I would greatly appreciate any donations for my classroom including: packaged candy, stickers, decorative pencils, kid’s meal toys, bookmarks, and other prizes. These donations would greatly be appreciated throughout the year as students earn rewards.
I will send a blue daily folder home with your child. This folder will contain notes and papers to be sent home. This folder will also have a calendar with a log of your child’s behavior throughout the day.
A parent signature will be needed on the correct date to let me know that an adult has seen the folder and is aware of what is going on in the classroom. Please send this blue folder with your child to school everyday.  Please place any money in the pencil bag in the blue folder and label it for snack, lunch, etc.
Homework will be sent home in the green folder Monday through Thursday along with a Skills sheet to let you know what we are working on in the classroom and give you information on school events. Please make sure to look at this folder daily as well.
Every Tuesday, I will send home graded papers in a red folder. There will be a sheet in this folder for you to date and sign to let me know you have seen your child’s grades. Please make sure that you send back all the graded papers the next day.

Feel free to contact me at the school if you have any questions at 342-2289 or send me an email at amy.hisaw@dcsms.org. I am looking forward to a great school year!


Amy Hisaw, Teacher

Mary Hanmer, Assistant